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I use the net a lot. In fact it's how I make a living, so I use a lot of different tools and resources. I've set up Mat7 partly for myself, so I can keep track of all the stuff I use in one place, and partly so that other people ask me what webhost I use, or what blogging tools I use etc. I can point them here.

What kind of resources?

All sorts! For example: -

Ads: includes all sorts of ad related stuff, including solo and ezine advetising resources...
Blog Tools: includes some of my favorite blog catalog sites, plugins and themes...
Free Stuff: free internet and affiliate marketing reports and tools, inc. a free Link Cloaker
Video: includes a list of good video sites for submitting to for backlinks...
Expired: includes services for finding, registering and parking expiring domains.
SEO: is a whole bunch of SEO and other webmaster tools
Misc.: is all the stuff that didn't fit in elsewhere, it will include a bunch of website tools, graphics stuff and Public Domain stuff [NEW]
Forums: includes my favorite forums and membership sites
Websites: includes domain registrars, hosting plans, statcounters [not added yet]
This site is still being built at the moment, so if you click on a link and there's not much there, it's simply because I haven't finished it yet... :)

What's New?

Check the "Updates" Page to get full details of what's been added recently, but here's a summary: -

  1. Automated Ad System
  2. WP eBay Plugin
  3. Blog Comments
  4. Expired Domains
  5. One Way links
  6. Unique Article Links
  7. Web 2.0 Traffic
  8. daily deals

Keep Up To Date...

Got Something To Add?

I'm always open to suggestions for stuff to add to Mat7, so if you have something you think would be good let me know here:

MattG Support Desk

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